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Commercializing award-winning drug, drug delivery and drug protection technologies for healing wounds, preventing the spread of disease, easing pain, and improving lives worldwide

DAKOTA Life Sciences is an award-winning biopharma Company that develops and commercializes advanced drug, drug delivery and drug protection technologies that combat antibiotic resistance and other health challenges that we all face every day. Our products use powerful technologies to help people who cannot afford to miss a day of work. For millions of people, standard medical care just doesn't help any more. You may be one of those people.

These include people who might have the following health conditions: slow healers, immuno-compromised, diabetics, pre-diabetics, people with peripheral vascular compromised extremities, infections, and other conditions. Our products are also needed by average healthy folks around the world who want to protect against infections that could change their quality of life or the lives of loved ones.

Our clinical focused activities continue for several prescription solutions to aid with the more dangerous global wounds and infections. These products and services will comprise an extraordinary combination of healing and prevention capabilities not achieved by other companies. The broader DAKOTA Life Sciences organization plans to also offer direct-to-consumer sales of high quality non-prescription products for those who cannot afford healthcare plans and who need the best medications at an affordable price.


Our founding principle is to provide the highest quality products at affordable prices so that no one has to miss a day of work, school or life due to preventable or manageable disease or infection.


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