I will never forget the moment in 1996 when the doctor told me our little daughter might lose her foot because she had a drug-resistant infection, that she probably got from going to a public water park in flop-flop sandals. We were down to the last available medication that might help her. My blood ran cold with fear, and I prayed to God to save her. It was one of those parental nightmares we all know about and hope that we will never experience.

But our little girl was lucky that day.
The last chance antibiotic worked.

The drug that saved my little daughter's foot about twenty years ago is no longer as effective. It is much less reliable now because of drug resistant bacteria that has spread around the world.

The DAKOTA Life Sciences' technology allows us to take drugs that used to work well and make them effective again to combat many of these dangerous topical bacterial infections. I was personally driven to fix this terrible problem.

So why shouldn't your family have the best prevention and protection that we can provide to you at affordable prices?

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