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ThinNail® (Rx Antifungal Product Line) Nail thinning and penetrating technology to address the large, unmet need in nail fungal infections

The ThinNail® keratin thinning and antifungal delivery formulation:

  1. Thins the nails that have been thickened by fungal infection
  2. Uniquely penetrates difficult keratin nail matrix
  3. Starts killing fungal infections on Day 1

ThinNail® Treatment for Thick Nails

ThinNail® is the only clinically proven, patented product, to clear and thin thick discolored nails.

Site Specific Penetration Technology

  • Revives original power of drugs against resistant mechanisms, by penetrating the cell wall
  • Penetrates cell walls and delivers active agent with high efficacy, to enhance drug outcome
  • Penetrates and diffuses in tissue, to create a zone of efficacy
  • Penetrates tissue without systemic uptake; ideal for patients who need to avoid systemic medications
  • Pro-healing technology facilitates soft tissue wound recovery
  • Hypoallergenic constituent ingredients
  • Extensive safety and efficacy testing results available
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